I enjoyed speaking before potential readers to tell of the laughs and heartaches in my memoir. Author events, readings, a book club, panel discussion, media classes at local colleges and presentations on memoir writing kept me busy in 2013. I’ve promised myself to expose the book electronically to the world, but I’m having fun meeting terrific people up close and personal in Central Florida.    
On National Radio Day in August, I guested on three local stations to talk about the power and influence of broadcasting today. The audiobook I recorded will be is ready for digital distribution soon, so you’ll be able to hear me voice my book. Stay tuned.  
I’m grateful a friend from high school emailed an announcement about my memoir to fellow classmates. Several I haven’t heard from in years responded after reading the book and their positive comments are appreciated. Nostalgia buffs tell me they got a kick out of learning about life in post-WWII America. Even though there are many mentions in the memoir of my hometown in New Jersey, see how the recollections compare to where you were raised.
Thanks for visiting the website. Check the audio excerpt. You’ll enjoy the book when you buy.



Dianne Munson
11/12/2014 9:59pm

Hi Dave,
It was a pleasure to hear your speak at the Orange County Regional Library yesterday. Your first hand experience was so very interesting to me during the decades that my ear was totally bend to the radio tube. I could have listened to you for hours!
Blending your home and family life with your busy professional life was a real skill to handle it....meeting your lovely wife Pat made me see that you did it right for celebrating 47 years together! Hard to beat!
You are a real gem, thank you for making yourself available to the public to hear you.....thanks Dave!
Warm regards,
Dianne M


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10/22/2017 2:18am

I'll buy it! I'd like to check how good it is. Thanks!


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