My memoir is now available as an audio book, and yes, it’s been recorded by me. Thanks to Keith Wilson at Beaten Path Productions in Windermere, Florida for his expertise and patience to make it happen. I left the studio knowing it’s a product worthy of your purchase.

August 20th is National Radio Day. For the third year in a row, I’ll be heard on several local stations to remind listeners of the power and diversity on AM/FM dials today and to take a nostalgia look back at how broadcasting “was” in years gone by.

I’m already booked to talk at two libraries in Central Florida this fall with more speaking engagements pending. How wonderful to meet people who want to hear about a new and different book and learn how it was created. I’m also gratified by responses received from those who have read the memoir. Some have been kind to write comments of what they thought of the book.

Thank you in advance for deciding to acquire my book. If you choose the audio version, use the link on Where to Buy Dave’s Book (Search Through Slanted Windows). A sample chapter is yours for the hearing. Soft cover and eBook versions are available from the other sources.



    Dave Archard was born in 1936 in Rochester, New York. His family moved to Ridgewood, New Jersey, a month before Pearl Harbor was attacked. He graduated from the Bergen County school district in 1954 and, after training at Broadcast Coaching Associates in New York City, began his career as staff announcer for WMYB in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. In the late fifties, he introduced the exciting Top 40 sound to the west coast of Florida from powerful WALT, Tampa, achieving record breaking audience ratings in both Hooper and Pulse surveys. He moved with his growing family to WFUN in Miami where he excelled as a copywriter and production director. Settling in Daytona Beach in the seventies, Archard handled broadcast duties at several stations in the market including sales and operations for number one easy-listening WWLV (FM). Now retired, he resides with his wife in Florida.


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